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As Promised! Here is the lineup for the new Fulton Calvery CD.  I am still tossing around a few titles for the CD still but I do have the songs and the players.  These are some great players who have mastered the secret of playing music that puts a smile on your face, a tear in your eye, and can rock your socks off.   I haven’t had a matching pair of socks since I started recording with these guys.  My sock budget is completely blown.

Jake Livgren - Vocals 

Jake sings 2 songs on the CD - Two Small Words and Every Day's A Holiday

From Topeka, Kansas Jake has made a name for himself in the band Proto~kaw and Jabberwockie. 

You can find music from Proto~Kaw on iTunes or 


Itunes Protokaw

Stephen Crane - Vocals  

Stephen sings the song Rip My Heart Out.   From Austin, Texas He is currently a member of The Texas Blues Runners. He recorded an album in the 80s called KICKS that was produced by Steve Lukather of Toto.  Many people also may remember him from the band BABY that toured the Midwest relentlessly in the ‘70s.  Steve can belt out some rock and roll.

TexasBluesRunners CDBaby

Terry Wright- Vocals 

Terry rocks the vocals on Those Crazy Things You Do.  Currently living in Topeka, Terry is very active with his music ministry.

Most of my friends will remember Terry from the band Submtyion and he also sang on my last two CDs.

Jeff Hansen-  Guitars 

Jeff lends his acoustic guitar coolness to the song Two Small Words and rocks out the electric on Rip My Heart Out


I played with Jeff in the band Submytion and we have been great friends since. 


Jeff has a CD called Heart To Heart that he released last year.  The CDs can be purchased by sending an e-mail to

Troy Schuster – Drums 

Troy lays down the groove for the songs Two Small Words and Rip My Heart Out


Troy lives in KC and recorded his drums at Miller Recording Studio.  Troy can be seen either playing in several KC bands or lending his drumming chops to the local Musical Production Into The Woods

Chris Brungardt – Guitars, Post Production 

Chris plays a hot guitar solo on the song Into The Twilight. We are also performing one of Chris’ songs called A Lie Becomes The Truth 

Chris lives in Hays, Kansas and manages the guitar web site Chops From Hell

Fulton Calvery – Guitars, Songs 

I hope you agree we have a great group of musicians lined up to rock this music and let the music take over. 


This will be my 4th solo CD and it promises to deliver with some great songs, excellent musicians, and rock’n fun.

I hope you’re as excited as we are to get this music out to the music fans.

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